High-throughput Genomics & Systems Biology


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    [44] DA Durai, MH Schulz
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    Bioinformatics, full text presented at Recomb-seq 2017

    ---->The ORNA software can be downloaded here.

    [43] A Hornakova*, M List*, J Vreeken, MH Schulz
    JAMI - Fast computation of Conditional Mutual Information for ceRNA network analysis
    Bioinformatics, full text

    ---->The JAMI software can be accessed here.

    [42] S Chakraborty, S Canzar , Marschall T, MH Schulz
    Chromatyping: Reconstructing Nucleosome Profiles from NOMe Sequencing Data
    Proceedings RECOMB 2018, in press

    ---->ChromaClique software can be accessed here.

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    Genes, in press

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    Genome Biology and Evolution, in press


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    Nucleic Acids Research (2017). full text

    ---->The RegulatorTrail webserver can be accessed here.

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    ---->The TEPIC software can be downloaded here.

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    ---->all IHEC papers DEEP press release

    [32] A Dehghani Amirabad, MH Schulz
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    Proceedings of the German Conference for Bioinformatics, 2016 [full text], presented at Recomb-CCB 2016 and ML for Health at UAI 2016

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    Informed kmer selection for de novo transcriptome assembly
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    ---->The software can be downloaded here.

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    ---->Easy to use error correction of genomic reads for indel-prone technologies. Software can be found here .

    [24] MH Schulz
    Letting the data speak for themselves: a fully Bayesian approach to transcriptome assembly
    Genome Biology, 10 15: 498 [full text]


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    PNAS [full text]

    ---->On the PNAS cover with commentary by Uwe Ohler

    [21] H Le*, MH Schulz*, BM MCcauley, V Hinman, and Z Bar-Joseph
    Probabilistic error correction for RNA sequencing
    Nucleic Acids Research [full text]

    ---->Download SEECER and improve your RNA-seq data!


    [20] MH Schulz*, WE Devanny*, A Gitter, S Zhong, J Ernst and Z Bar-Joseph
    DREM 2.0: Improved reconstruction of dynamic regulatory networks from time-series expression data
    BMC Systems Biology [full text]

    ---->Details about the new features of DREM 2.0. Check it out!

    [19] S Bauer, S Köhler, MH Schulz and PN Robinson
    Bayesian Ontology Querying for Accurate and Noise-Tolerant Semantic Searches
    Bioinformatics [full text]

    ---->An improved method to query for diseases with phenotypes. Test BOQA!

    [18] MH Schulz*,DR Zerbino*, M Vingron and E Birney
    Oases: Robust de novo RNA-seq assembly across the dynamic range of expression levels
    Bioinformatics 28 (8): 1086-1092 [full text]

    ---->Assemble your Transcriptome with Oases. Subscribe to the mailing list for regular updates. TOP3 most cited in Bioinformatics!

    [17] J Göke, MH Schulz, J Lasserre and M Vingron
    Estimation of Pairwise Sequence Similarity of Mammalian Enhancers with Word Neighbourhood Counts
    Bioinformatics 28 (5): 656-663 [full text]

    ---->Fast alignment free similarity computation for DNA sequences with ALF

    [16] AK Emde, MH Schulz, D Weese, R and Sun, M Vingron, VM Kalscheuer, SA Haas and K Reinert
    Detecting genomic indel variants with exact breakpoints in single-and paired-end sequencing data using SplazerS
    Bioinformatics 28 (5): 619-627. [full text]

    ----> Sensitive detection of structural variations from resequencing data with SplazerS


    [15] S Roepcke*, S Stahlberg*, H Klein, MH Schulz, L Theobald, S Gohlke, M Vingron and DJ Walther
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    BMC Genomics, 12:624 [full text]

    [14] MH Schulz, S Köhler, S Bauer and PN Robinson
    Exact score distribution computation for ontological similarity searches
    BMC Bioinformatics, 12:441 [full text]

    ---->Exact P-values improve similarity searches in ontologies. Maybe for your problem as well? Try here!

    [13] P Huggins*, S Zhong*, I Shiff, R Beckerman, O Laptenko, C Prives, MH Schulz , I Simon and
    Z Bar-Joseph
    DECOD: fast and accurate discriminative DNA motif finding
    Bioinformatics, 27 (17):2361-67 [full text]

    ---->The software can be downloaded here.


    [12] C Rödelsperger, G Guo, M Kolanczyk, A Pletschacher, S Köhler, S Bauer, MH Schulz, and
    PN Robinson
    Integrative analysis of genomic, functional and protein interaction data predicts long-range enhancer-target gene interactions
    Nucleic Acids Research, 40 (7) [full text]

    ---->The first paper to predict enhancer-target associations with up to 2Mb distance to the enhancer

    [11] H Richard*, MH Schulz*, M Sultan*, A Nürnberger, S Schrinner, D Balzereit, E Dagand, A Rasche, H Lehrach, M Vingron, SA Haas, and ML Yaspo
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    Nucleic Acids Research, 38 (10):e112 [full text]


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    The American Journal of Human Genetics, 85 (4):457-64 [full text]

    ---->Best paper selection IMIA Yearbook of Medical Informatics 2010

    [9] MH Schulz, S Köhler, S Bauer, M Vingron and PN Robinson
    Exact Score Distribution Computation for Similarity Searches in Ontologies
    Proceedings WABI 2009 , Springer LNCS, Volume 5724, 2009 [full text]

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    [7] K Ye, MH Schulz, Q Long, R Apweiler and Z Ning
    Pindel: a pattern growth approach to detect break points of large deletions and medium sized insertions from paired-end short read data
    Bioinformatics, 25 (21):2865-71 [full text]

    ---->Best paper award ISMB-SIG Next-Generation Sequencing 2009


    [6] M Sultan*, MH Schulz*, H Richard*, A Magen, A Klingenhoff, M Scherf, M Seifert, T Borodina, A Soldatov, D Parkhomchuk, D Schmidt, S O'Keeffe, S Haas, M Vingron, H Lehrach and ML Yaspo (2008)
    A global view of gene activity and alternative splicing by deep sequencing of the human transcriptome
    Science, 321 (5891):956-60 [full text]

    ----> Reported in Genome News and evaluated by Faculty of 1000

    [5] MH Schulz, D Weese, T Rausch, A Döring, K Reinert and M Vingron
    Fast and adaptive variable order Markov chain construction
    Proceedings WABI 2008, Springer LNCS, Volume 5251 [full text]

    ---->Check out the PISA software

    [4] D Weese and MH Schulz
    Efficient string mining under constraints via the deferred frequency index
    Industrial Conference for Data Mining (ICDM 2008), LNAI 5077, pp. 374-388 [full text]

    ---->Check out the DFI software

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    [1] MH Schulz*, S Bauer* and PN Robinson (2008)
    The generalised k-Truncated Suffix Tree for time- and space- efficient searches in multiple DNA or protein sequences
    International Journal of Bioinformatics Research and Applications, 4(1):81-95 [full text]

    ---->Software maintained by the Robinson Lab

    *shared first authorship